Welcome to KINDLE Orphan Outreach Page on Covid -19 Updates

  • As the world is struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus .KINDLE through Katawa Community Clinic continues to serve the communities with the needed health care services.
  • The gaps are very clear, Information on Covid has not been so audible for the multitudes we serve. This is because of three major reasons :
  • 1 The prevention messages are at crossroads with our normal way of doing things/our tradition (i.e do not touch your face”) how many times have you today done that? how about the rural masses?
  • 2. Stay at home , Ooh God how do we stay at home when we are living on less a dollar per day? and we get this if we do piece works (Ganyu) so its either you choose to die at home for fear of covid 19 due to hunger or you go out there and face covid 19.
  • Its been a mountain to climb but we all believe God will see us through
  • 3. The symptoms being mentioned are the common symptoms we get each day for instance in our catchment area
  • This is just for Quarter 1 of 2020. Now do we expect these patients to come to the clinic anytime they experience these symptoms? the answer is yes of course but at a community setup they will choose to deal with these symptoms the local way .All because its been part of their lives each day.
  • Lets all get the information from World health organization website through this link https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 .But for us as non governmental organizations at the forefront serving the grassroot people, we need to rather push on and trusting God for the protection. More and More funds need to go to community awareness campaigns and sensitizations. Together we can!! and of course as we also protect our workers with the needed protection gear.


Schools in Malawi are closed but still our health arm is working day and night helping those that need doctors attention in our catchment area through our Katawa Community clinic. As Covid-19 still is wrecking havoc with Malawi now registering more than 30 cases and 3 deaths .We thank God for partners like Segal Family Foundation who have supported KINDLE with Protective wear, Chlorine, a water tank, Capacity building of our staff as well as a weekly radio program which is through our partnership with the District Covid response team answering questions for the entire district about Covid -19. More support still needed but we thank God for them for they have set the ball rolling.

Its another good day in Malawi. The number of cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in Malawi. Now a total of 12 confirmed cases with 2 deaths. We hope things will not get any worse .
Kindle Continues to plan for Covid 19. This week, Kindle with support from Segal family Foundation as part of response to the disease will purchase tents, handwashing soap as well as start doing mass awareness campaigns through the radio so that a lot will be taught on how they can take care of themselves and most importantly where to report when they suspect there is a case within their communities.

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Kindle Orphan Outreach (KINDLE) is a local Christian, charitable, non-denominational, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in Malawi in 2000 and registered as a Trust in 2002.  KINDLE is an acronym for “Kids in Need Deserve Love and Encouragement”, and was founded from the desire to bring the light of Christ’s hope to orphans, vulnerable children, and…

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