The focus of Kindle’s work is to provide orphans and their caregivers with health care, education, and development opportunities within the community, supported by a strong spiritual foundation. The various projects interlock and complement one another, resulting in a holistic sense of well-being.

This 2-minute-long video provides an introduction our work at Kindle Orphan Outreach.

Health Care

Child At Katawa Community ClinicWhen Kindle started, the chiefs in the area where we work felt that their greatest need was health care. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and various other illnesses were devastating the community to the point that people were attending funerals on an almost weekly basis. Katawa Community Clinic was born from the desire to provide quality health care at an affordable price, and now provides a variety of health-related services to 200+ people every day.

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Secondary StudentsPrimary education is free in Malawi, but only about half of the children actually complete primary school. Secondary school is not free, and there attendance rates are even worse, with only 1 in 10 secondary-age youth attending classes. We work with the community and the local government to increase the number of children attending school, especially the orphaned and vulnerable, and to improve the quality of the education they receive while there.

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Irrigated cabbagesThere are serious economic barriers to be overcome in the communities where we work, so food and livelihood security is integral to our ministry. To get to the root of many of these issues it is important to address issues of the heart, so there is a strong spiritual component to our development efforts.  We see our role at Kindle as empowering people to make better lives for themselves and their entire community.

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