Giving hope to the hopeless

Esther Jafali(not her real name) was born on 15th July 2018 at Salima district hospital, he was born through caesarian section. Excitement, dancing coupled with ululation is our culture sounding trumpets of the coming in of the new member of the family. Then there was that shock when the news came in that the mother had passed away due to maternal complications people were engulfed with grief, lost their hope and felt helpless as the baby Esther  kept on crying for the milk. The only place the guardians could find solace with was this same hospital where the mother had passed on. To their disbelief, they were told that the district hospital had no milk for the new born baby and that the only thing they could do was to buy. The formula milk is expensive and the guardians come from a very poor family leaving on a less than a dollar a day with only one meal each day they could not afford the milk for the baby hence as the baby kept on crying some relations were reminded of the lost mother and were relentlessly shedding tears. Hope was restored however, when another lady mentioned the critical care support that KINDLE through Katawa provide. This then forced the guardians to travel over 20km to find this support at our clinic.

Esther was admitted (enrolled) in special needs nutrition program when he was 3days old and his birth weight was 3.0 kgs, we thank God and the support that we are getting because the baby is growing well and he is two and half months old now and his weight is 6.2 kgs

Esther`s  grandmother is very excited for the lost hope has now been restored by Kindle partners  through the support being given to Katawa.Chisomo is just an example of more children who are benefiting from the different services being offered at Katawa . Currently Katawa serves a minimum of 200 patients daily

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